Postdoc position (2 years): Hydroclimate projections with CMIP6

Future projections of runoff from coupled climate models are uncertain. This project aims to reduce these uncertainties through observational constraints and improvements to land surface models with the goal of providing more reliable projections of future changes in regional hydroclimate.

The position is based at Cornell University, but includes collaborations with and visits to the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Colorado. More details here.

Postdoc position (2 years): High-resolution climate and hydrology projections for the Rocky Mountains

Mountain regions are seeing some of the most rapid climate change, with implications for water resources that originate from snow pack. The goals of this project are to estimate the emergence and magnitude of the anthropogenic warming signal in snow water resources metrics, to work with stakeholders to identify relevant metrics and time periods to support adaptation, and to refine mechanisms to detect change and attribute it to warming.

The position is based at Cornell University and includes collaborations with the University of Colorado Boulder and the Aspen Global Change Institute. More details here.

Postdoc position (2 years): Assessment of climate change impacts for infrastructure planning

For climate projections to be useful to local authorities, they often need to be downscaled. Yet, different downscaling methods can result in different future outcomes. This project aims to assess which methods are “fit for purpose”, with a focus on whether downscaling methods preserve salient characteristics of the climate system, such as ENSO-precipitation teleconnections (see figure) or the correct depiction of the forced response pattern.

The position is based at Cornell University and includes collaborations with NCAR, NOAA GFDL and the non-profit MITRE. For more details email Flavio Lehner (flavio.lehner@cornell.edu).


Prospective Postdocs

Please reach out if you are interested in applying for a postdoctoral fellowship to work together. Some potential funding sources for postdocs are the NOAA Global Change postdoc or different NSF postdocs.

Prospective Graduate Students

I am currently not looking for any graduate students, but if I am, you can apply via the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Feel free to reach out by email to let me know you’ve applied or to discuss common research interests.

Undergraduate research opportunities

We are always open to working with undergraduate students on semester or summer projects, as well as honor’s thesis projects.  Availability might vary depending on ongoing projects and skill set, but feel free to reach out to discuss opportunities.